Accessing This Community Via The App

I am just posting this from the app to see what it’s like and how it works.

it looks like the app just opens up a browser…

Oh really? It’s pretty nice on iOS. Does it just open your default browser on Andriod? Can you visit other URLs (non-discourse).

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Here are links to the apps for those who want to try it out.

iOS: ‎Discourse Hub on the App Store


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Yeah, the app definitely only opens up a browser to the mobile version.

It’s also funny how everything is gray on the desktop site while the app has a huge love for purple.

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Are you on android?

The theme has light and dark modes, so I wonder if your phone is in a different mode.


I just added a theme called “Fakebook”.


Dark mode atm because it is 1am.

I tested all the themes right now and personally prefer the standard one.
It’s minimalistic, but gives a better overview to quickly grasp what’s happening and seems to have fewer bugs.
I also prefer the colors of default theme by far. Way better contrast and easy on the eyes.
Once I choose colors from AirTheme, it looks worse, even on default theme layout.

Purple colors stay throughout all the themes, so I guess that is part of your branding.
It’s way less obvious on the light theme, quite harsh on the dark one IMO.

Added a few screenshots to give you an idea.

Air Theme:

Facebook Theme:

Default Theme:

Air Theme within post:

Default Theme within post (dark):

Default Theme within post (light):

I like the multi-platform draft feature!
I started this reply on the desktop, added the pictures on my phone and finished formatting on the desktop again.

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I don’t disagree. I think a custom theme will need to be made. The pallet of colors that you can edit effects too many variables.

The default theme has a spot to edit CSS, but the custom themes do not.

For now I’ll leave everything stock and save customization for when I have time to do something more than flip a switch on a theme.