BFCM 2022: The Top 6 WordPress LTDs You Need to Know

Originally published at: BFCM 2022: The Top 6 WordPress LTDs You Need to Know

It’s time to talk about the biggest Black Friday discounts for WordPress deals. We’re talking lifetime deals here.

Hi Dave,
I picked up WPCodebox based on your recommendation.

As I continued my two week immersion in Black Friday deals, I came across AutomaticCSS and Frames from the same developer. Both involve serious amounts of css, which may be beyond me.

Lots of study required before I make some refund decisions.

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WPCodebox has helped me streamline certain setups every time I do a new wordpres.

I love it. :slight_smile:

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Haha, I have watched some of that guys videos since you emailed me about him.

You’ll have to let me know how you proceed. Utility classes are a normal part of web development outside of WordPress, but I wasn’t swayed into trying it out.

WordPress is already so splintered. It used to just be themes, but now it’s like a forked application depend on what theme and builder you’re using.

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I actually own most of these already! I wanted to purchase Presto Player, but I don’t like site limits and always go for the “unlimited” option no matter the price. I have purchased very few lifetime products that were less than unlimited. WP GridBuilder is the only one that comes to mind, with a 100 site limit.

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Presto is worth it IMO, just stack more licenses as you need more sites.


You didn’t know Kevin? He is actually quite active in several wordpress groups, especially Oxygen (before that whole drama started with the Breakdance release). Now he converted to bricks.

He has a quite direct no bs attitude and a strong opinion, but I think he is a great guy and pretty smart. Worth following in my opinion. :slight_smile:

No, I have never been an Oxygen user, and I’m not in many FB groups unless I need support. I’m sure he’s great.


I also own almost all of them (except for ShareLogins) and can truly recommend them all.

I picked up the LTD for WPGridbuilder this BF and switched from Cloudways to Gridpane.
But also checking out Runcloud at the same time, as their pricing is really attractive, and I heard great things about them.

Can’t complain about Cloudways though, has been really solid.
I just don’t like their approach of doubling down the server cost, no matter the size or number of servers.

The GP/RC approach makes just more sense in the long run.

Regarding ShareLinks: Adam (Surecraft) said in one of his videos that they are using SureTriggers to connect the different sites.


Bought wpvivid using the link. Finally bought it.

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I agree that standalone panels make more sense for serious WordPress professionals… (yes that is GridPane’s copy)

But Cloudways makes a lot of sense for people who only have a single site and don’t want to hire a professional to manage it for them.

I am a happy Gridpane customer but I recommend Cloudways all the time.

I haven’t used Runcloud in a few years, let me know what you end up sticking with. Runcloud seems to only want to compete on low prices and that doesn’t usually go well.

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Thank you, Kenny! I hope you never have to use it (…to restore).

I’m with you there.

As long as you have a single site/server (that is not too big), Cloudways is still a valid choice.
Was happily using them myself and needs less knowledge than on Gridpane.

It‘s just once you have to run bigger or multiple servers that you start paying too much in my opinion.

Runcloud is actually quite solid. I really like their interface and the possibility to run what you (not only wordpress).
Their pricing is indeed very competitive, but I ask myself: are they too cheap or are the others just too expensive?