Did you get the email?

If you got my invite email and you don’t want to start a topic yourself, leave me a reply in here! :+1:

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Got the email and went directly to your site! Enrolling was a bit convoluted - I had to confirm *two * emails before being able to actually enter this reply to you - but the interface is nice and simple and I look forward to revisiting.

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I got the email, but I was already enrolled in this community. :slight_smile:

I got the email and fumbled my way through getting signed up, loading a profile picture, etc.

I’m suffering from new system overload as a result of serious BF purchases. I picked up Bricks, Fluent CRM and some others. In the process I discovered I already had a lifetime deal for Better Docs from years ago.

I will get it installed to see if it can be used to answer questions about mobile home repair more easily than the blog post format I have been using.


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Yes, I agree with convoluted… it’s because I’m using Single Sign-on… so you’re actually signing up to davesewift.com first and then the second email is for community.daveswift.com

I will look for a way around this! Glad you’re here. Thanks!

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I’m glad you made it. Perhaps I’ll turn off the link with WordPress if I can’t get around the double email-opt in.

Ok, Single sign-on is off!

The Discourse log-in flow is much better than WordPress.

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I got the email, watched the video, thought “cool, I want this!” then signed up to the site. I must’ve got lucky because I only got the Discourse sign up that you just posted. It was easy to sign up and activate my account.


Great to have you here Michael! The SSO would be great if I already had a lot of users on my WP site, but I think I will leave it this way going forward.

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I was a bit confused at first because I expected the SSO and I already had an account on your page, but that must have been the Ghost one.

Performance of the community seems great so far, but personally, I am not the biggest fan of the UI yet. I feel like this needs a bit more color for visual hierarchy.
So far, I prefer Circle or Tribe.
Facebook still seems to have the best interface, but I am annoyed by all the ads and useless notifications, while sometimes not getting those about replies.

Discord might be the most future proof alternative to something like this, as it has a lot more functionality (voice & video chat for example), the possibility to automate stuff with bots and already has an impressive user base.

I really like the open source approach of DC though and the possibility to have multiple communities/groups in one app.
Back in the forum days there were apps like tapatalk to help with this.

Is the UI/optic of DC predefined? Or are there different themes and possibilities to style it to your liking?

Hey besascha, yes that was probably Ghost. I have been experimenting a lot over the last year.

Ghost is a great platform but WordPress is where I’m most comfortable.

To Discourse:
The color scheme is completely customizable. You can also switch themes. In fact you can change the color scheme on a user-level basis.

Click on your Avatar and choose profile > preferences > interface.

As an admin, I have control over the options you have in that screen. I’m open to adding more.

Tribe, Discord, and Circle are all closed systems, as you noted. This is open source software on a server I administer. Building a community where someone else can change the rules in a few years doesn’t sit so well with me (currently my FB group posts are reaching 3-4% of members).

Voice and video chat have no interest to me at the moment. Those features are also available in the Facebook community. I prefer the asynchronous nature of forums.

I’m happy right now with WordPress, Mautic, and Discourse making up the core of my little content business.


Got the email and curious to see how I like the appearance and functionalities of this community app :slight_smile:


Welcome! The appearance is highly customizable. There are themes just like WordPress.

At this moment, I am using the default themes and colors. There is a light & dark mode which is user selectable.


Great feature to be able to change the looks on a user basis.
Quite hidden away though, thanks for the heads up.

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