This software fixed my website agency.

Originally published at: This software fixed my website agency. - Dave Swift

There is no shortage of client portal options, but most aren’t designed with productization in mind. ManyRequests helped me enjoy website management again because now I get to spend more time doing what I love and let everything else be automated. Get 20% off your first year of ManyRequests with code DAVEPT20 Check out Dave’s…

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I have been going back and forth between ManyRequests and Service Provider - did you look at Service Provider before going with MR? I love the ability to add the max # of requests as that’s exactly how my care plans work, but I hate how clients have to login to leave a request. With SPP they can email in requests, but as far as I can tell you can’t set a limit on the number of requests like you can with MR.


I did look at SPP, but I ended up with MR because I was impressed with the support and it was such an obvious fit for care plans.

If clients do email a task, I just copy and paste it into MR. It doesn’t happen often enough that it’s a big deal.

I know they’re working on V2 of ManyRequests, so I’m hopeful they will add new requests via email.

If you have any other questions about MR, I’m an open book. Been with them for a while now and clients have only said good things.

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Ohhh you’ve opened up a can of worms here! Lol

Do you also use MR for domain renewals, hosting renewals (outside of the careplan), etc and one off charges?

I currently use Wave as well, how difficult was it to transfer those clients (and their credit cards) to MR?

As we know, clients will rarely log in to a control panel (other than to change their credit card info), how has your experience been training the clients to now login to submit requests? Any pushback?

I don’t do domains. Clients pay for those from Namecheap or whatever.

I also don’t do care plans without hosting. I can’t charge enough to fight cheap hosting.

Clients all loved it, it was a manual switch here from Wave to stripe, but if you live in a country where wave still uses stripe, MR will pick it up automatically.

My only complaint right now is upgrades between service levels, MR doesn’t have this feature.

So if I have a big Black Friday sale to move people from pricing tier B to pricing tier C, I have to ping support and they do it manually.

I want clients to be able to switch and have things be automatically pro-rated.


Oh, one-offs or add-one work great. No issues there.