Unprofitable Tools

Biased but fascinating article here. (Credit to Dave Foy who posted it on Twitter.)

I’m building out a team on Asana right now but this gives me pause.

What do you think?

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That was a fascinating read.

I don’t have the background to know if the author knows what he is talking about or not.

Philosophically, I do like the idea of a business that is profitable and sustainable, even if it is smaller.

I’ve heard good things about Basecamp somewhere, although maybe it is just their own good marketing.

This site of theirs was fun to scan through: https://37signals.com/

I had expected to be more active here, 10 days ago I got admitted to the hospital with an infection. It’s very resistant IV antibiotics so I am still here.

I’m finding I can do a lot with my phone, but not easily.

I have confirmed refunds for several BF deals which I can now see I will never use. “No questions asked “ is a key part of refund because I have no interest in writing more than absolutely necessary.

I had my payments better scheduled than usual, so only one late payment notice so far. Lifetime deals are nice since they have no payment drama.

Only an hour until my day starts at 5AM with a stick for more blood for the lab.

Best wishes getting this community going.


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Get well, Paul. That’s awful news.

I expect the group will take a year or so to really get going.

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The 37signals guys are legit with a real impact on the web as we currently know it. They’re opinionated but at least they stand for something.

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